holiday sales at standard hotel with NYC designer family

so happy we gonna have a sales event together this Sunday <3 

this year, we are doing something meaningful for our sales event! this SUNDAY we are team up with NYC designer family to decorate a tree with our own pieces, and donate the sales to the NY Immigration Coalition who fight to protect the rights of ALL New Yorkers, Immigrants and Residents <3together we are @thecompanywekeepny
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making brooch for LangLang International Music Foundation Gala

2 years ago, the winter, we all went to that philanthropy event, where Yue magazine was honored the outstanding Chinese-American Influencers.  Alice came to me for the shocking necklace, thank you Alice, you really know I know how to shock people :P that crystal quartz necklace surrounding by the little surreal object frame necklace, seriously, who would  miss that big golden sparkling ...,

my dear assistant, a cute  gentleman, the formal host for TV traveling show, was wearing another version of the frame necklace with a golden dragon inside, flying back and forth taking the best shots for his very first NYC gala event, suddenly, this elegant lady grabbed his hand, wouldn't let go, till she find out "who's the designer for this gold necklace? " the lady was standing right by Lukas (the brain of the LangLang IMF), shes turns out to be LangLang's Mom! :O

it seems like, everything happened for a reason, even some people come to your life for a season...

This custom piece created for the Lang Lang International Music Foundation depicts the music of Lang Lang and his students rising up like the Phoenix. The shape of the brooch is a Grand Piano, with Lang Lang leading our the children in a celebration of music. The Lang Lang figure is accented by a small diamond to represent the light that he brings with him when he performs. The smaller figures represent his students, each one, a seed, blooming into their talents. As they play together, the Phoenix looks on, bringing good intentions and blessings into the new year of the Phoenix. 

 the seeds we planted 2 years ago, is blooming..., in Mr. Malan Breton's fairy dress, im a fairy tonight, thank you all for making my dream comes true, seeing my name in the step and repeats with all the well known establish brands, is like wining a life achievement award for my fashion career. thank you thank you thank you, you know who you are, I always appreciate that you ever have the faith in me. and i shall giving back one day :)




I  would drop all my life, take on that flight, to London,  waited in front of your apartment, trying all the silly things I could, stopping you going back to that apartment...

it's been 6 years since u  left, I'm still think about you every fashion season, what would you do this time to shock the world with your savage beauty in fashion-tech / innovated presentations,

remember one of your collection, you dressed all the models into chessmen,  turning a fashion show into a chess game,

this year is the year of monkey, I've created a chess set with monkey skulls to homage you, you are always live inside of us, no matter how many years have passed, your visions and creations will always live inside our hearts.

God Save the Queen,  save our beloved McQueen,  and the offspring, may they be free, the fashion world will never be the loneliest place on the face of the planet, because we are changing the rules, with strong networking, positive energy, bringing more hopes and helps to the new generations, to have a balance emotional health life while chasing the fashion dreams.

That's really the most important thing in life after all.  



Happy Halloweek!!

Jade's Leather Veil Mask

Got a pull request from Taylor, (who pulled our mask for Emma Summerton's shoot in Vogue Italia)  says Patti is looking for the veil mask again, and this time is for Steven Klein exhibition, wow, this is BIG, let's see what's gonna happened...

Me and Taylor met at Tranoi show back in 2012, where he scouts talents for Patti,  even our works just few blocks away in ChinHo (China town area that close to Soho), it seems in fashion network has to take us a Paris to meet. Taylor has the mixed fusion look, half white and half Asian, he carefully wrote down his contact,  I was new to all the stylists name, didn't know that Patti is one of the most influential stylists in the world. He said: "Jade! we only here to pick 1-2 designers each season, and we find U!!"  (I was a bit shy, keep smiling and nodded my head) and said: "thank you so much, lets get the bubble tea in China Town sometimes..."

3 months later,

Got an email from Taylor Kim, says they would like to pull the Leather Veil Mask. Taylor... sounds familiar... and /kin/... and Patti's images on google, maybe he is black? I can't associate the name with anyone from Tranoi..., maybe someone just dropped in and saw my works? Their office is so close, let me walk in for an investigation...

Just arriving, a chic lady in black with super straight hair, talking on the phone in the front, she must be Patti! ( heart beats fast) what should i say when bump into a celebrity? should I pretend not seeing her and slipping away? OK, if she stops talking, I will need to at least greeting to her. she keeps talking,... how slow can i walk..., slow motion back and forth, shouldn't bother her, alright, NEXT TIME!!  hope I get to meet her again, a Chinese uncle at the door greeting me with a smile. Must him saw my funny action.

Took the elevator up to the office,  knock, knock, my heart still pounding,  Taylor opened the door, as his face revealing... I was Shocking!! "OMG!  it's you! I thought Taylor King is black! "  you are half white and half? Toylor: "KIM!! Jade!!, im Korean!!! duh "

LoL Happy Halloweek xo

click here to see the MASK on



Welcome to Jade Chiu's studio

Jade Chiu’s studio is filled with miscellaneous elements that range from transparent plastic pocket size boxes to endless surplus of gold and silver chains. This small, yet elegant studio is home to the company’s headquarters. It also works as a studio, showroom and office space. Design and fashion gadgets like full body mannequins, black jewelry boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, laptops, sample pieces from past collections, and tall lighting equipment serve as decoration. All of these elements work together to create an artistic environment that allows the designer and interns to use as an inspiration reference library.

Every corner is filled with some kind of special jewelry piece that is able to describe Jade’s personality: thinking outside the box; aesthetically daring and an obvious experimental concept developer. Her displayed pieces around the studio have a fashion and jewelry design origins. Her pieces are able to demonstrate her ability to produce a versatile designs that are directed to different audiences. Although the studio is situated in the hectic and loud downtown manhattan, the interior atmosphere is calm and relaxing; making it a suitable environment to produce work and harvesting inspiration.