Welcome to Jade Chiu's studio

Jade Chiu’s studio is filled with miscellaneous elements that range from transparent plastic pocket size boxes to endless surplus of gold and silver chains. This small, yet elegant studio is home to the company’s headquarters. It also works as a studio, showroom and office space. Design and fashion gadgets like full body mannequins, black jewelry boxes, bubble wrap envelopes, laptops, sample pieces from past collections, and tall lighting equipment serve as decoration. All of these elements work together to create an artistic environment that allows the designer and interns to use as an inspiration reference library.

Every corner is filled with some kind of special jewelry piece that is able to describe Jade’s personality: thinking outside the box; aesthetically daring and an obvious experimental concept developer. Her displayed pieces around the studio have a fashion and jewelry design origins. Her pieces are able to demonstrate her ability to produce a versatile designs that are directed to different audiences. Although the studio is situated in the hectic and loud downtown manhattan, the interior atmosphere is calm and relaxing; making it a suitable environment to produce work and harvesting inspiration.