making brooch for LangLang International Music Foundation Gala

2 years ago, the winter, we all went to that philanthropy event, where Yue magazine was honored the outstanding Chinese-American Influencers.  Alice came to me for the shocking necklace, thank you Alice, you really know I know how to shock people :P that crystal quartz necklace surrounding by the little surreal object frame necklace, seriously, who would  miss that big golden sparkling ...,

my dear assistant, a cute  gentleman, the formal host for TV traveling show, was wearing another version of the frame necklace with a golden dragon inside, flying back and forth taking the best shots for his very first NYC gala event, suddenly, this elegant lady grabbed his hand, wouldn't let go, till she find out "who's the designer for this gold necklace? " the lady was standing right by Lukas (the brain of the LangLang IMF), shes turns out to be LangLang's Mom! :O

it seems like, everything happened for a reason, even some people come to your life for a season...

This custom piece created for the Lang Lang International Music Foundation depicts the music of Lang Lang and his students rising up like the Phoenix. The shape of the brooch is a Grand Piano, with Lang Lang leading our the children in a celebration of music. The Lang Lang figure is accented by a small diamond to represent the light that he brings with him when he performs. The smaller figures represent his students, each one, a seed, blooming into their talents. As they play together, the Phoenix looks on, bringing good intentions and blessings into the new year of the Phoenix. 

 the seeds we planted 2 years ago, is blooming..., in Mr. Malan Breton's fairy dress, im a fairy tonight, thank you all for making my dream comes true, seeing my name in the step and repeats with all the well known establish brands, is like wining a life achievement award for my fashion career. thank you thank you thank you, you know who you are, I always appreciate that you ever have the faith in me. and i shall giving back one day :)