I  would drop all my life, take on that flight, to London,  waited in front of your apartment, trying all the silly things I could, stopping you going back to that apartment...

it's been 6 years since u  left, I'm still think about you every fashion season, what would you do this time to shock the world with your savage beauty in fashion-tech / innovated presentations,

remember one of your collection, you dressed all the models into chessmen,  turning a fashion show into a chess game,

this year is the year of monkey, I've created a chess set with monkey skulls to homage you, you are always live inside of us, no matter how many years have passed, your visions and creations will always live inside our hearts.

God Save the Queen,  save our beloved McQueen,  and the offspring, may they be free, the fashion world will never be the loneliest place on the face of the planet, because we are changing the rules, with strong networking, positive energy, bringing more hopes and helps to the new generations, to have a balance emotional health life while chasing the fashion dreams.

That's really the most important thing in life after all.