Happy Halloweek!!

Jade's Leather Veil Mask

Got a pull request from Taylor, (who pulled our mask for Emma Summerton's shoot in Vogue Italia)  says Patti is looking for the veil mask again, and this time is for Steven Klein exhibition, wow, this is BIG, let's see what's gonna happened...

Me and Taylor met at Tranoi show back in 2012, where he scouts talents for Patti,  even our works just few blocks away in ChinHo (China town area that close to Soho), it seems in fashion network has to take us a Paris to meet. Taylor has the mixed fusion look, half white and half Asian, he carefully wrote down his contact,  I was new to all the stylists name, didn't know that Patti is one of the most influential stylists in the world. He said: "Jade! we only here to pick 1-2 designers each season, and we find U!!"  (I was a bit shy, keep smiling and nodded my head) and said: "thank you so much, lets get the bubble tea in China Town sometimes..."

3 months later,

Got an email from Taylor Kim, says they would like to pull the Leather Veil Mask. Taylor... sounds familiar... and /kin/... and Patti's images on google, maybe he is black? I can't associate the name with anyone from Tranoi..., maybe someone just dropped in and saw my works? Their office is so close, let me walk in for an investigation...

Just arriving, a chic lady in black with super straight hair, talking on the phone in the front, she must be Patti! ( heart beats fast) what should i say when bump into a celebrity? should I pretend not seeing her and slipping away? OK, if she stops talking, I will need to at least greeting to her. she keeps talking,... how slow can i walk..., slow motion back and forth, shouldn't bother her, alright, NEXT TIME!!  hope I get to meet her again, a Chinese uncle at the door greeting me with a smile. Must him saw my funny action.

Took the elevator up to the office,  knock, knock, my heart still pounding,  Taylor opened the door, as his face revealing... I was Shocking!! "OMG!  it's you! I thought Taylor King is black! "  you are half white and half? Toylor: "KIM!! Jade!!, im Korean!!! duh "

LoL Happy Halloweek xo

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